PowerUp Plan


  • Buy any smartphone from $0 down*
  • Pay a minimum of 18 easy monthly installments starting at $10/month
  • Upgrade to a new device anytime
  • No fixed term service contract

*Click here for PowerUp Plan Terms & Conditions

What Is PowerUp?

One offers a unique and affordable way for customers to get a new smartphone at a low starting cost. Eligible devices under this new plan option can be purchased for as little as $0 down. Once the initial payment has been made, subsequent installments will be charged to your postpaid monthly account starting at just $10/month. This plan allows customers the flexibility to upgrade their device at any time without having to wait for the end of the installment payment period.

How Many Device Installments Will I Be Charged For?

There will be a total of 18 installments due, paid monthly or in combination with a lump sum, assuming you upgrade early to a new device (see early upgrade option below); or a total of 24 installments if you decide not to upgrade early. Monthly installment amounts range between $10 and $60 depending on the device purchased.

At What Point Can I Upgrade My Device?

The great thing about PowerUp is you can upgrade to a new smartphone at any time by simply paying a total of 18 device installments.

For example: You want to upgrade using a new PowerUp plan after 14 monthly device installments have been paid. A lump sum for an additional 4 installments would then be payable at the time of purchasing the new smartphone – for a total of 18 installments.

I’m A Prepaid Customer. Am I Eligible To Sign Up For The PowerUp Plan?

PowerUp requires customers to subscribe to a monthly postpaid account. As a prepaid customer, One can convert your account over to postpaid in order for you to take advantage of this new smartphone device purchase option. A phone number change will be required.

Are There Any Other Requirements I Need To Know About When Signing Up For PowerUp?

Since the PowerUp plan is designed around purchasing smartphones, we require a minimum subscription of 1GB of data per device. This is applicable for the entire duration of the PowerUp plan.

Can I Just Purchase The Device On A PowerUp Plan And Not Subscribe To Wireless Services?

No. The customer must subscribe to the appropriate wireless services during the entire period while they are making monthly installment payments. Once a total of 24 monthly installments have been made, including a lump sum payment for any remaining installment amounts due, the customer may deactivate services. All smartphones require both a voice plan and a data plan with some devices also requiring a minimum 1GB data plan.

Can I Make A Lump Sum Payment(S) In Order To Shorten The Number Of Installments Outstanding?

No. The only time a lump sum payment of remaining installment amounts is permitted is when the customer is upgrading to a new device or if they wish to discontinue subscribing and paying for wireless services on their postpaid account.

Can I Start A New PowerUp Plan For A New Device And Continue To Pay My Old PowerUp Plan?

No. You must settle the remaining installments for your old device first. Only one active PowerUp plan is permitted per line.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Lines On PowerUp Plans On My Account?

Yes, the limit is two active PowerUp plans on any one customer account.