Predictable IP


One understands that with the growth of business critical applications, there is a demand for predictable performance on your public wide area network, (WAN). Predictable IP is a cost effective solution offered by One, to ensure your network can run business applications on your public WAN, without the financial investment of a private WAN service, similar to the ones provided by MPLS/VPLS/IPLC. The predictable IP service ensures predictable performance metric with more control and visibility. One’s network will provide predictable latency, predictable uptime, and more importantly, predictable performance.


Features and Benefits:

  • Predictability for business critical applications:
    • Predictable performance
    • Predictable uptime
    • Predictable latency
  • Cost effective
  • Monitored by One’s Network Operations Center 24/7
  • More control, more visibility

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