Our 4G LTE network is all fired up across Bermuda and ready for you! Make sure you’ve checked out our tips below so you can start surfing the web in the super-fast lane.

LTE Devices

You might already have an LTE capable device, but how do you know for sure? Following these steps can help:

On your smartphone, check Settings → Mobile Networks for a 4G or LTE option.

  • Samsung’s may show 4G/3G/2G or LTE/WCDMA/GSM auto connect
  • iPhone will provide LTE as an option
  • LG displays GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto connect

Settings will vary across older device makes and models. Of course, you can always visit any of our stores and we can take a look for you.

Many of our devices are already LTE capable, and our lineup is growing quickly. The Devices section of our website will indicate which ones are compatible with our 4G LTE network.


You have an LTE capable smartphone – that’s the first step in the right direction. Your next step is to check if you have an LTE SIM Card.

The easiest thing to do is carefully pop it out of your phone. If the SIM card has a blue or gray stripe with our logo, you’re all set!

If you have an older SIM card or are unable to determine what’s in your device, stop by one of our 3 stores and we can help you.
Our Church Street location accepts appointments from Monday to Saturday.