Data+ Rewards Program

What is it?

Remember when you were a kid, constantly growing out of your clothes? You either had to buy expensive new clothes every year or buy something way too big and grow into it over time.

Well, our LTE Smartphone Plans are not pants. Your data usage grows a LOT over time, and your plan should always be a good fit. To solve this problem One is introducing plans that grow with you, using the Data+ Rewards Program.

The Data+ Rewards Program automatically increases the amount of data included in your plan over time, for as long as you remain a customer. The data added to your plan is our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer, but it’s also a way to make sure that your data needs are always met without having to constantly change rate plans.


Who is eligible to receive Data+ Rewards?

Every customer, new or existing, will automatically be enrolled in the program when they sign up on or switch to an LTE Smartphone Plan. The following promotional plans will also be eligible for the program:

  • Black Friday 2017 (a. $125 – 5GB+1GB; b. $160 – 8GB+2GB)
  • Holiday 2017 ($150 – 10GB)


When will I receive the Data+ Rewards?

When you sign up on or switch to one of the eligible plans above, you’re automatically enrolled in the program. Every 24 months, starting from the time of enrollment, the data in your plan will automatically grow by 1GB, 2GB, or 5GB, depending on your plan.

The Data+ Rewards bonus amount is calculated based on the LTE Smartphone plan you are subscribed to on the date the rewards are issued.

Here is a table with the Data+ Rewards associated with each LTE Smartphone plan:


  L Plans   T Plans   E Plans
  Incl. Black Friday (4GB+1GB)  

Incl. Black Friday (4B+1GB) & Holiday 2017 ($150 10GB Plan)

Includes Rollover Data 2GB   3GB   4GB   6GB    8GB   10GB   15GB    20GB   40GB
Data+ Rewards 1GB   2GB   5GB


What happens if I change my LTE Smartphone Plan before my Data+ Rewards date?

You will still receive your Data+ Rewards bonus on the rewards date as long as you switch to an eligible plan. The bonus will be calculated based on the plan you’re subscribed to on the rewards date. (See table above)

If I have already received my Data+ Rewards, what happens if I upgrade my plan?

You will keep your Data+ Rewards as long as you don’t downgrade your plan to one of lesser value. When your next Data+ Rewards date passes, you’ll receive another Data+ Rewards bonus based on your then current plan.

If I have already received my Data+ Rewards, what happens if I downgrade my plan?

If you already have a Data+ Rewards bonus and you decide to downgrade your rate plan to an eligible LTE Smartphone plan of lower value, or to an ineligible rate plan, your Data+ Rewards will be forfeited.

You will continue to collect Data+ Rewards on an LTE Smartphone Plan at your rewards date, but the existing rewards will be forfeited.

Do my Data+ Rewards accumulate over time? Can I keep them forever?

Data+ Rewards will be applied based on a customer's LTE Smartphone Plan subscription and will replace existing Data+ Rewards, if any, previously allocated. Data+ Rewards cannot be stacked. Your Data+ Rewards stay with you for as long as you have an LTE Smartphone Plan.

Are the Data+ Rewards part of the Rollover Data program, like the data built into each LTE Smartphone Plan?

Yes. The data added to your plan through Data+ Rewards will roll over each month, just like the data included in your plan.

Can the Data+ Rewards be shared with a secondary data share line?

No. The data added to your plan through Data+ Rewards cannot be shared with a secondary line.

What happens if I deactivate my service?

If you decide to deactivate your service at any time, for any reason, your Data+ Rewards will be forfeited. If you are deactivated as a result of non-payment, your Data+ Rewards will be forfeited.