Roaming FAQ's


How Can I Subscribe To The New Travel Pass Roaming Plan?

You can sign up with the form link on the right side of this page, visit any of our 3 retail stores across the island or call our Customer Care Centre at 700.7000. Your call is free when dialling 611 from your One Communications mobile phone while in Bermuda.

What Countries Are Covered Under The Travel Pass Roaming Plan?

We’re happy to announce that you can now travel to the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

Do The Rates Apply To All Wireless Carriers In Each Country?

Yes. These rates apply to all carriers in these countries.

Is This Plan Available For My Prepaid Service?

This plan is only available for monthly postpaid accounts at this time.

When Does The One Month Period Begin And End?

The Travel Pass $25 fee is calculated based on each calendar month.

If I’m Travelling Over The Month’s End, How Many Months Will I Be Billed For?

The Travel Pass roaming plan is billed on a calendar month basis.
For example: Should you be travelling from September 20th to October 5th, you will have travelled over two calendar months, therefore, incurring 2 monthly fees ( Travel Pass Plan Fee $25 X 2 months =$50).

If I Travel For Only Part Of A Month, Will I Be Charged For The Full Amount Of The Plan Fee?

Yes. The Travel Pass roaming plan will not be prorated on your bill.

Is It Possible To Activate The Plan While I’m Travelling Or After I Return From My Trip?

Yes; however the new rates will only be applied to the voice and data activity for the month the rate plan is activated in. Rates are not retroactive to previous months of travel.

Can I Cancel My Plan At Any Time?

Yes; however the Travel Pass roaming plan fee is a flat rate applied to each calendar month. No credits will be issued if the plan is activated and cancelled within the same month, regardless of whether travel has taken place or not. It is recommended to activate the plan once you are certain you will be travelling to the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

Can I Complete Multiple Trips Within The Same Month And Continue To Receive The Discounted Rates?

Once Travel Pass has been activated, you can travel to and from the US, Canada, UK and Ireland within the same calendar month as many times as you like. You will only be charged the flat rate once.

Yes, The Travel Pass Data Rates Will Apply.