About One Communications

Founded in 1998, One Communications Ltd. (formerly KeyTech Limited) is a diverse telecommunications holding company. Its subsidiary companies specialise in cellular voice, high-speed internet, subscription television and data solutions for both residential and corporate customers.

In 2014, One Communications Ltd. began a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions in order to position itself competitively in an industry driven by technological change. The Company acquired internet, cellular and cable television companies in both Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. These transactions have transformed One Communications Ltd. into a robust triple-play service provider with the networks and data access infrastructures needed to meet the demands of ever-growing bandwidth consumption. Through its operating subsidiaries, the Company is positioned as the leading full-service telecommunications provider for corporate and residential customers in both Bermuda and Cayman.

The operating subsidiaries of One Communications Ltd. are Logic Communications Ltd. (trading as One Communications), Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd. (trading as One Communications), Cable Co. Ltd., and WestTel Limited in the Cayman Islands (trading as Logic).