With Voice Over LTE technology, you’ll enjoy a better calling experience on your smartphone. The introduction of the VoLTE service brings improved voice quality, longer-lasting battery life, and multi-app usage while making a call.

To use VoLTE on your iPhone, the following is required:

  1. You must have an iPhone 8 or newer (The following iPhone models are not VoLTE compatible: iPhone 8 A1863, iPhone 8 Plus A1864, iPhone X A1865)
  2. Your iPhone should be using iOS 13.x. or newer
  3. Enable LTE by opening Settings, selecting Mobile Data, and then choosing the enable LTE option
  4. Turn on VoLTE, by selecting Mobile Data, Voice & Data and toggle VoLTE to on
  5. Once you have completed the steps above, run a power cycle on your iPhone

If you are a Samsung user:

Our VoLTE services are currently available on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Flip3 devices. To activate VoLTE, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and select Software Update
  2. Tap Download and Install
  3. Run a power cycle on your device
  4. Confirm that your VoLTE settings were activated during the power cycle by going to your Settings and selecting Connections, Mobile Networks, VoLTE Calls.

If you’re currently using another model Samsung device or any other brand of smartphone, stay tuned for an update on how to provision your device to be VoLTE capable.