Receive Calls Wherever You Are

Are you holding on to your home phone service just to keep the number everyone knows? Sign up for Follow Me for $5/month and keep your existing home phone number. You will no longer use a physical home phone as all of your calls will now ring on your mobile device and follow you wherever you go.

Keep Your Number

Moving to our network doesn’t mean you need to lose your number — Simply bring it along.

Key Features

$5.00/ month
Plan Compatibility
Only Available on Postpaid Mobile Plans

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Do you need your phone number moved to OneComm? * 

If you are interested in getting a mobile device or a mobile plan with OneComm you need to have a phone number with us. If your phone number is currently with another carrier and you to need to have it moved, please select “Yes, I need my phone number moved to OneComm”


Will I still have a physical phone at home?

With Follow Me, you will no longer have a physical home phone.

Can I make calls from my home phone number?

With Follow Me, you will no longer use a physical home phone. All calls will now be made from your mobile device.

When I dial out on my mobile device with Follow Me, what number will people see?

When you dial out from your mobile device, people will see your mobile number on their call display.

When I receive a call with Follow Me, what number will show on the Caller ID?

The number that dialed your home phone number will appear on the Caller ID display.

What Voicemail Message will callers hear if I do not answer the phone?

Callers will hear the voicemail message that you have set up on your mobile device.

How do I bring my existing home phone number to One for the Follow Me service?

One will use Local Number Portability which allows customers with telephone services to retain their existing telephone numbers when switching from one provider to another. We will submit a request to your current carrier. There is no need for you to contact your current provider, unless you have an existing account balance.

How long will it take to bring my home phone number over to One?

The entire process may take up to 7 days.

What If I Want To Transfer My Number And Service Back To My Original Carrier?

Your number will be reserved with your original provider for 12 months from the date you transferred.

Is this available on Prepaid?

Follow Me is only available on Postpaid Mobile plans.