Unlimited Local Home Phone Service

Reliable phone service offering unlimited local calling, and a full suite of features including: voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting and more, for only $19.95/month.

Powered by FibreWire Internet

Using a digital phone, plugged into your Internet modem, OneHome Phone gives you the call clarity and popular features you need, while being supported by our FibreWire Internet service.

Keep Your Number

If you have a home phone service, moving it onto our network doesn’t mean you need to lose your number – simply bring it along.

Key Features

$19.95/ month
Local Calling
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting

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If you are interested in getting a mobile device or a mobile plan with OneComm you need to have a phone number with us. If your phone number is currently with another carrier and you to need to have it moved, please select “Yes, I need my phone number moved to OneComm”