Guaranteed WiFi

OneHome WiFi is guaranteed to provide seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home, so you can experience consistently strong internet coverage everywhere you need it.

Smart Internet Plans

OneHome WiFi extends the coverage of your FibreWire Smart Internet throughout your home. Our plans range from 50MBPS up to 1GIG.

FibreWire Smart Internet Plans

OneHome WiFi at Your Fingertips

Control of your WiFi and connected home are now in the palm of your hand. Set up access for guests, manage devices, run speed tests and more.

Easy To Set Up

Start by plugging in your eero unit. Then, using the OneHome WiFi App, you’ll be guided through your setup. You will need FibreWire Smart Internet to get started with OneHome WiFi.

OneHome WiFi vs WiFi Extenders

Below details the key features of OneHome WiFi that separate it from traditional WiFi extenders.

  • A Single WiFi Network: Create a single 2.4 and 5 GHZ Home WiFi Network
  • Seamless Handover: No dropped connections as you move in and around your home
  • Flexibility and Reach: Blanket your home with WiFi without impacting Internet speed or performance
  • Dynamic Traffic Routing: Automatically connects your device to the access point with the strongest WiFi signal
  • Easy Setup and Management: Manage your home WiFi network with a single app, from anywhere

OneHome WiFi