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With a One Communications Internet plan, new and existing customers can save up to $2,500 on a new device! Simply choose your device to view the discount associated with your Internet plan.


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New and existing Internet and Bundle customers can choose to apply their discounts towards the purchase of a new TV. Please visit our Partners at Sound Decision, Audio Visual, to view the TVs and associated discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Loyalty Program Device Discount work?

  • When you purchase a device on the Loyalty Program, you receive a discount off the Retail Price of the device. The value of the discount depends on the service plan you subscribe to at the time of purchase
  • The value of the Loyalty Device Discount you receive becomes the Loyalty Device BalanceThis balance is what you would need to pay back if you decide to upgrade to another device or cancel your service
  • For as long as you maintain your service subscription, we will pay your balance each month until it reaches $0. This takes place over 24 or 36 months, depending on the options you choose when purchasing the device.
  • At any time and for any reason, you can decide to pay off the remaining, Loyalty Device Balance. You might do this in order to upgrade to your next device on the Loyalty Program, or you might want to cancel your service subscription entirely.
  • This means you can upgrade your device as often as you want, and always save money. To maximize your savings, simply keep your subscription service active until the Loyalty Device Balance reaches $0, and then feel free to start again with a new device.

Does this program lock me into a long term contract?

  • No. At any time and for any reason, you can decide to pay off your remaining Loyalty Balance. The balance owed depends on how long you have been on the Loyalty Program.
  • Even if you decide to leave after 3 months, you will have saved money on your device!


  • You purchase a $1,200 Laptop on the Loyalty Program, with the 24-month (standard) option
  • You subscribe to FibreWire 350, which is eligible for a $1,000 NextOne Discount
  • You pay $200 for the Laptop up front, and your Loyalty Device Balance is $1,000

If you decide to cancel your FibreWire Internet service after…

  • 6 months (18 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $750, so you will have saved $250 overall 
  • 12 months (12 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $500, so you will have saved $500 overall
  • 18 months (6 remaining) – The balance will have reduced to $250, so you will have saved $750 overall
  • 24 months (0 remaining) – Balance is $0! Time for a new Laptop, or TV, or Tablet!

What are the different "term" options, and what do they mean?

The Loyalty Program Device Discounts come with 2 “term” options: 

Standard = 24 months: The Loyalty Balance is paid by One over a period of 24 months

  • This is a good option for customers who want to upgrade their devices more often because the Loyalty Device Balance reduces at a faster rate. This option is also best for lower-cost devices.

Premium = 36 months: The Loyalty Balance is paid by One over a period of 36 months

  • This option comes with a significantly larger Loyalty Device Discount and is used mainly for high-cost devices or devices that don’t need to be upgraded as often.

How is the Loyalty Device Balance calculated?

On the day you purchase the device on the Loyalty Device Program, the value of the discount you receive becomes your Loyalty Device Balance.

Each month that you maintain the related service subscription, One pays your Loyalty Device Balance by an equal amount. This amount is the total Loyalty Device Balance divided by the term (24 or 36 months) chosen during the device purchase.

Example 1: $750 Loyalty Device Balance on the 24-month term option

  • One pays down the balance each month by $750 / 24 = $31.25

Example 2: $1,000 Loyalty Device Balance on the 36-month term option

  • The balance reduces each month by $1,000 / 36 = $27.78

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Yes, we need to have a valid credit card on record. Please bring a valid credit card and ID to make any postpaid device related purchases. The name on the valid ID must match the name on the credit card. 

What happens if I need to cancel my service?

If you need to cancel your service with One at any time, for whatever reason, the remaining Loyalty Device Balance can be paid off to clear your account. This balance will have been reducing every month since it began, so as time goes on it will become less and less. This balance will appear on your final invoice.

Can I switch between a Loyalty Plan Discount and a Loyalty Device Discount?

If you are on a Loyalty Plan Discount, you may switch to a Loyalty Device Discount at any time during your 24 month term without any penalty.

If you are on a Loyalty Device Discount, you must pay the remaining balance on the device before switching to a Loyalty Plan Discount. A new term 24 month will begin once switching over.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan while I have the Loyalty Plan Discount?

If the plan is cancelled during the 24-month term, you will be charged at $20 per month that is remaining.

Can I switch my plan while on a Loyalty Plan Discount?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You will receive the new discount associated with the plan you choose.