Is Fibrewire TV compatible with any internet service?

You can connect the box to any 5G compatible internet but you won’t have access to the full range of features including Cloud DVR.

What does 1 Way and 2 Way mode mean?

If your box is connected to the internet , the box is able to communicate back and forth via the internet. We call this 2 Way. Think of it like a 2 way radio.

If your box is not connected to the internet, your box cannot communicate back and forth via the internet. Instead we can only send communication to the box.
We call this 1 Way.

Do I have to connect the box to internet for it to work?

You don’t have to connect the box to the our Fibrewire Internet to watch live TV but we recommend it to enjoy all of the features. Also, it is much more convenient for troubleshooting as, often, simply unplugging the box and plugging it back in can resolve an issue just like that.

I have One FibreWire Internet already. What FibreWire TV features will I have?

It’s probably easier to explain this with a chart.

** OTG=On the Go. Watch TV or recordings via the mobile app. We recommend doing so on WiFi to avoid exceeding your monthly mobile data allowance.