More about FibreWire:

Q: When will FibreWire Internet be ready for me to use?

A: The network infrastructure is available in select areas and will continue to be rolled out over the next few months, aiming to be completed by the end of September, 2017. Updates on our progress will be announced, in the media and directly to our valuable customers through an active calling and email campaign.

Q: How will I know FibreWire Internet is in my neighbourhood?

A: As we activate FibreWire Internet in each neighbourhood across the island, emails and phone calls are being made to residents and businesses alike. Please ensure One Communications is added to your inbox to ensure our messages are received.

Q: Will I automatically be switched to FibreWire Internet when it’s ready?

A: An announcement will be made directly to our valued customers once FibreWire is available in their service area. Customers using our combined Access and Internet (ISP) service will automatically receive a speed boost, at no extra cost to their current Standard Internet plan. Many customers have already experienced the automatic speed boost and are enjoying the internet the way it's meant to be - fast.

Q: Do I need to change my modems and routers to use FibreWire Internet?

A: FibreWire Internet works with our combined  Access and Internet (ISP) services. If you currently subscribe to separate internet services and are interested in an improved online experience with our FibreWire Internet service, contact our 24/7 Customer Care Centre at 700.7100 to speak with us about your options.

Q: What is the difference between FibreWire Internet and Standard Internet?

A:  FibreWire Internet is the name used to for our Access and Internet (ISP) services available on our new fibre optic network. Customers located in FibreWire ready areas across the island are invited to contact us for subscription.  Standard Internet refers to our existing system, previously referred to as Access and Internet (ISP). 

Q: Will FibreWire Internet impact my TV service with you?

A: Customers subscribing to FibreWire will be ready for our next generation TV experience once we announce its availability in the coming months.

Q: How do I know I am receiving the new FibreWire Internet speeds?

A: Your experience with FibreWire will yield considerably faster speeds, less time for loading websites and speedier uploading and downloading of files. For optimal results, we recommend testing your FibreWire Internet speeds by connecting directly to a desktop and/or laptop with an Ethernet cord. Once you are ready to test, visit This connection will provide the most accurate results.

If your connection is WiFi only, we welcome you to test out the network as well. Please follow the technical requirements listed below. 

Technical Requirements

  • Adobe Flash Player must be installed. If you do need to download the player, click here
  • Please cease all internet activity, including downloads and live streaming, and disconnect any additional devices from your wireless network. This will ensure no other device is consuming bandwidth during the test.
  • If you have a router connected to your modem: Disconnect from your router and plug your computer directly to your cable modem using an Ethernet cable. Reboot the modem by unplugging power for 3 seconds. The router and cable modem can be reconnected once the test is complete.
  • If you are directly connected to your modem: Hang up / disconnect and reboot the modem by unplugging power for 3 seconds.
  • If you are connecting using a mobile phone or tablet, please download the Ookla speedtest app here to continue testing.