What is Smart Internet?

Smart Internet is our FibreWire Internet service which includes an eero unit for WiFi with all of the added benefits the eero application provides like:

  • Parental Controls
  • View your WiFi download and upload speeds
  • View your connected devices
  • View and/or change your WiFi network name and WiFi password
  • Set up a guest network
  • Remote reboot

Add eero units for seamless coverage in and around your home

If your WiFi coverage is poor or you just want to maximize your WiFi performance, you can add additional eero units to create seamless coverage in and around your home.

Who can sign up for Smart Internet?

New One customers, existing One customers adding Internet service or existing One customers with Access Only or ISP Only internet service will automatically receive Smart Internet.

Existing customers with FibreWire Internet service who would like the benefits of the eero application are welcome to sign up.

How can I learn more about Smart Internet Plans?

Please click here to learn about our plans and submit your request for service.