Dedicated Internet

We know how important your network is to you, to run your business. Reliable, stable, worry free, high performance, high speed Internet connectivity is critical for your business growth. One’s Dedicated Internet solution provides superior, high-speed Internet access for companies that need full-time maximum performance. Our range of data services and solutions helps you find the best technology to meet your needs for efficient bandwidth utilization, reliability, control, and service reach. With installation and support provided by One’s Network Operations Center, this fast, dedicated, always-on solution provides reliability and stability for your data and communications needs.


Features and Benefits

  • Most Resilient Network infrastructure in Bermuda
  • Diverse off Island connections to Tier 1 upstream providers
  • Redundant and self-healing IP backbone
  • Worry free, Guaranteed Bandwidth backed by SLA
  • Multiple Automatic redundancy managed router services
  • Enterprise-grade, high-speed Dedicated Internet Access
  • Portal for easy monitoring and management
  • Bandwidth on demand, based on business requirements
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring and Support by Network operations Control Center
  • Multiple POP’s
  • Customized Network Design


  Standard High Availability
Guaranteed Bandwidth 
Multiple PoPs -
Redundant Local Access  -
Customized Network Design 
Protection  Single Path 2+ Paths
Managed Router Services  Optional
(Single Router)
(Multiple Routers)
Burstable Bandwidth  - On Demand
(additional fees may apply)
SLA (availability) 99.9% 100%

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