Our Global Network

As Bermuda’s leading Internet, data and long distance voice provider, One has built its reputation by consistently delivering high-quality, reliable services at a competitive price. One’s world-class Cisco-powered network, supported by our network engineers within One’s multiple Network Operations Control Centres (NOCC), provides complete network redundancy with multiple transmission paths and Points of Presence (PoPs) in Bermuda, the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

One’s recent investment in the Challenger submarine cable system (live December 2008) increases its international bandwidth capacity ten-fold. This significant investment in infrastructure demonstrates One’s commitment to the needs of its customers and repositions One as an infrastructure provider rather than a bandwidth reseller. With access to essentially limitless capacity, One is well positioned to meet the evolving needs of local and international customers.

One’s NOCC operates on a 24x7 basis utilizing state of the art tools managing customer services and global networks for services being provided to all parts of the world. One’s NOCC is operational aligned with all our global carrier partners and takes responsibility of all issues regardless of where it may reside, including international bandwidth, local loops, hardware, etc.

Why Choose One:

  • Reliable and scalable network infrastructure
  • 24x7 Support for your business from our responsive team
  • Network Operations Control Center in Bermuda with highly qualified engineers
  • Bandwidth guarantees directing important traffic where it needs to go
  • Tailored solutions to meet all your needs
  • Large and diverse corporate customer base around the world