More about FibreWire:

When will FibreWire Internet be ready for me to use?

Right away! Our network installation has been completed and FibreWire Internet speeds are available across the island. Residential customers subscribing to both Access and ISP with One Communications are already receiving our superfast internet speeds.  If your service is split between One and another internet provider, we encourage you to take a look at simplifying your service and getting amazing speeds (as seen below) on one bill. 

FibreWire Speed Monthly Fee
FibreWire 10   (10Mbps) $84.95
FibreWire 20   (20Mbps) $104.95
FibreWire 30   (30Mbps) $124.95
FibreWire 50   (50Mbps) $169.95
FibreWire 100  (100Mbps) $214.95
FibreWire 200  (200Mbps) $239.95








How do I know if I'm getting my FibreWire speeds?

The first step is to ensure your Internet Access and ISP services are with us, on the same system. The easiest way to confirm this is by reviewing your latest bill. If you are receiving a single invoice for both of these internet services from One Communications, you are on our FibreWire Network.

If you are receiving separate invoices, one for Internet Access and another for ISP, we encourage you to contact our Customer Care Centre to group your services. This change will allow us to upgrade your internet service to FibreWire speeds, prepare you for our upcoming FibreWire TV experience, and simplify your billing.


Do I need to change my modems and routers to use FibreWire Internet?

A review of your account setup will allow us to confirm if a change to your equipment is required. The following scenarios will help you determine whether further assistance is required.

  1. If you are subscribing to both Internet Access and ISP with One Communications, and receive a single bill – no change in the modem is required at this time.
  2. If you are subscribing to Internet Access and ISP with One Communications, and receive two separate invoices – please dial 700.7100 for assistance.
  3. If your subscription is split between One Communications and another internet provider – please dial 700.7100 to discuss your FibreWire Internet plan options and schedule an installation.


Will FibreWire Internet improve my TV service with you?

Our FibreWire network is about to revolutionize the TV experience across Bermuda. More details will be released in the coming weeks.