Hitron CGNVM 3589 & 2559

  • Open an internet browser window (for e.g. Internet Explorer).
  • Enter IP address (default in the address bar. The login screen for your modem will display.
  • Enter the default username and password. Your default username is 'cusadmin' and password is 'password'.


  •   Choose wireless from the top menu and select Basic Settings


  •      Ensure that Wireless Enabled is selected to “ON”.
  •      Within the Multiple SSID Settings, ensure that you have your Network Name (SSID).
  •      Ensure that all fields (Enable / Broadcast SSID / WMM QOS) within the Multiple SSID settings are enabled.
  •      Enter a new WiFi password if you have forgotten your WiFi password and save your settings.
  •      Make sure that you update your WiFi password for all of your home devices. Click here for steps on how to change/update your device WiFi password.