NextOne Device Purchase Program 


How is the NextOne balance calculated?

The NextOne balance decreases from its original amount to $0 over 24 active, paid months. The remaining balance is just the original balance minus the amount the balance has decreased over time. This amount is calculated like this:

(Original Balance/24 * # of active, paid months)

e.g. A customer purchases a new $600 Smartphone on the NextOne program. They choose the 4GB LTE Smartphone Plan which comes with up to $650 off the device. The customer pays $0 up front for the phone and starts a $600 NextOne balance (the full retail value of the device)

Original Balance: $600

E.g. 1) Balance after 12 active, paid months = $600 – ($600/24 * 12) = $300 (this is the balance at 12 months)

E.g. 2) Balance after 18 active, paid months = $600 – ($600/24 * 18) = $150 (this is the balance at 18 months)

If the customer wishes to upgrade to their next Smartphone at 18 months, they could get another $600 device and only pay the remaining $150 NextOne balance. NextOne is the best way to get the latest smartphones, more often, at a great price.


When can I upgrade to a new Smartphone?

With the NextOne program, our customers can upgrade to a new Smartphone at any time. They simply pay off the remaining NextOne balance, if any, and purchase a new device on the NextOne program. Depending on the LTE Smartphone Plan you subscribe to, your next smartphone upgrade may be eligible to have the current NextOne Balance waived after 22 months (L Plans), 20 months (T Plans), or 18 months (E Plans).


What happens if I need to cancel my service?

If you need to cancel your service with One at any time, for whatever reason, you simply have to pay off the remaining NextOne balance. This balance will have been reducing every month since it began, so as time goes on it will become less and less. This balance will show up on your final invoice.


What happens if I downgrade my plan?

If you decide to downgrade to a plan that is eligible for a lesser NextOne device discount, the difference between the two discounts will be added to your invoice the following month. The difference between discount levels decreases over time just like the NextOne balance itself.

E.g. A customer signs up on a 6GB LTE Smartphone Plan which can save up to $900 on any device. The customer chooses the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Retail Value: $850) on the NextOne program, they pay $0 up front, and their NextOne balance starts at $850 (the full retail price of the phone)

After 12 months their NextOne balance has reduced to $425 and they decide to downgrade to the 3GB LTE Smartphone Plan, which is eligible for $650 in device savings rather than $900.

The customer must pay the difference in remaining NextOne Balance: $425 (half of $850) - $325 (half of $650) = $100. The customer pays $100 for downgrading to a lower plan, and their new NextOne balance is $325.


I don’t see the NextOne balance on my invoice, why not?

We are working to have these features added to your invoice. In the meantime, you can visit any retail location or phone our call centre at any time to find out your NextOne balance. Our Customer Care number is 700.7000.


Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Yes, we need to have a valid credit card on record. Please bring a valid credit card and ID to make any Postpaid related purchases. The name on the valid ID must match the name on the credit card.