Remote Control Pairing & OneBox

To learn more about your remote control, click on the link below to view our User Guide.

Important Notes about our FibreWire TV Remote Control

  • Our FibreWire TV Remote Control Unit has Bluetooth built in. This feature allows you to use your remote without being in direct line with the OneBox media player.
  • Your OneBox remote is paired to a single OneBox media player. You will not be able to use your FibreWire TV Remote simultaneously with any other OneBox.
  • Download our FibreWire TV App onto your mobile device to use it as an alternate remote control for FibreWire TV.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I use my FibreWire TV remote to control multiple OneBox Media Players?

A. No. Your FibreWire TV remote is paired to a single OneBox Media Player. Each OneBox media player is equipped with its own remote control unit.


Q. My FibreWire TV remote control has lost its connection to the OneBox media player and I am unable to pair it them again.

A. Take the following steps to re-establish the pairing between remote and media player.


Step 1   Ensure that you have working batteries installed in the remote control unit.


Step 2   Press the “STB” button on the remote.


Step 3   If the TV presents the following error message: “Remote Control Pairing error.", follow the instructions on the TV screen to re-establish the connection.


Step 4   If you continue to have issues, we recommend that you first delete all your remote control pairing codes by:

  • Pressing “Power + 0” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  • After 10 seconds, the LED light below the power button should turn solid green
  • Press the “OK” button
  • The STB and TV buttons will flash to indicate that the remote has been unpaired.


Step 5   Once you have unpaired the remote, stand directly in front of the OneBox, point the remote directly at it and press the “OK” button.


Step 6. If you do not see the “Remote Control Paired Successful” message on the screen, unplug the OneBox Media Player from the wall's electrical power outlet and plug it back in. When your FibreWire TV screen reappears, return to Step 5 to begin the pairing process again.


Q. I have a Samsung TV and would like to program the FibreWire TV remote to control my TV.

A. Your FibreWire TV Remote control unit is already programmed to control Samsung TVs. Additional programming steps are not required. 


Q. How do I program the FibreWire TV Remote to control my TV.

A. The following steps will guide you through the programming process.

Step 1 - Ensure that your TV is turned on

Step 2 -Press “TV” button simultaneously with the number in the table below that corresponds to your specific TV model, for approximately three seconds. For example, if you are programming an LG TV, press the “TV” button and the number “3” on your FibreWire TV Remote Control Unit for at least 3 seconds. The LED light underneath the power button on the remote will turn green.


Brand Code





















Step 3 - Press “OK” and the light for the 'TV' button on your remote will turn red.

Step 4 - Press "Fast Foward" key once. The remote control will select one of the TV model keys.  

Step 5 - After pressing the “Fast Forward” button once, verify that your Remote control has been programmed to control your TV. You can do this by pressing the Home key to launch the TV menu or the TV input key.

Pressing the volume keys for testing is another alternative for testing. 


Step 6 -  If the TV responds, press the “Play / Pause” button on your FibreWire TV Remote Control Unit. If the TV does not respond, press the “Fast Forward” button again to try the next code for your TV model, then follow Steps 5 and 6.