How does it work?

You can now choose to pay monthly with $0 upfront on any device.

24 and 36 monthly installment plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program lock me into a long-term contract?

The Loyalty Program Device Discount and Installment programs are both based on 24- or 36-month terms. This does not mean you are “locked in” a contract.

There are two potential balances to pay upon cancellation within the term or early device upgrade:

  • Loyalty Program Device balance– the discount you received on the device based on your choice of rate plan and term, reduced automatically based on the amount of time that has elapsed.
  • The remaining installment balance – the initial installment amount extended, less the total installment payments already made.

Both balances decrease in equal amounts over the term of the agreement. The difference is the installments are paid by you, while the reduced device discount balance is paid by us.


  • You purchased a $1200 device on the Loyalty Program, with a plan that provides an immediate $800 device discount on a 36-month term.
  • The amount owed after that discount would have been $400, but you decide to pay that $400 over the period of the term (36 months). The monthly installment amount is $11.11.
  • After 18 months, we have reduced the device discount balance by $400, and you have reduced the installment balance by $200.
  • The total amount owed at 18 months in the case of cancellation or early device upgrade is $600.
  • So, in this example, and every other, you save big money on the device that you really want, even if you decide to cancel or upgrade within the term.

What are the different "term" options, and what do they mean?

The Loyalty Program Device Discount is available on 2 “term” options.

Standard = 24 months: The Loyalty Program Device balance is automatically reduced, by us, over a period of 24 months

  • This is a good option for customers who want to upgrade their devices more often because their Device Balance reduces at a faster rate.

Premium = 36 months: The Loyalty Program Device balance is automatically reduced, by us, over a period of 36 months

  • This is a good option for customers who don’t need to be upgraded their devices as often, or who want top of the line devices at a great price.

Installment Program: The installment program uses the same term as the Loyalty Program option you chose (24 or 36 months)

Is it cheaper to pay upfront rather than pay monthly installments?

No. Whether you pay monthly or pay now with the device discount, the phone will cost the same.

Can I pay off the installment balance, but stay on the Loyalty Program?

Yes. If you want to clear the installment balance, you can do so at any time. There will be no impact on your Loyalty Program Device balance.

Can I pay off the Loyalty Program Device balance, but stay on the Installments Program?

No. If you decide to clear your Loyalty Program Device balance before the term is complete, you will also need to clear the installments balance.

What happens if my account is deactivated?

If your account is deactivated for any reason, and not reactivated within the calendar month, the remaining Installment balance will be charged to your bill. We will not be able to reinstate the installment program in that scenario.

The Loyalty Program Device balance can be reinstated.