Mobile Data Measurements





There are 1024 KBs in a MB.

There are 1024 MBs in a GB.

For a quick calculation:

Move the decimal place to the left 3 times if you are translating a smaller measurement to a larger one.

E.g. MB to GB

       5025 MB=5.025 GB

Move the decimal place to the right 3 times if you are translating a larger measurement to a smaller one.

E.g. GB to MB

        6.50 GB=6500 MB

Data Usage Guidelines

This chart provides an estimate of how much data is used for each activity.

How do I track my data usage?

Here are 2 easy ways to track your data:

  1. My Account
    • If you haven’t registered yet, click here to complete the online form.
    • Log in and go to the Data Usage tab.
    • The data usage you see is calculated up until midnight the day before.
  1. Your Smartphone
    • iPhone: Settings->Cellular-> Cellular Data Usage
  • Android: Settings->Connections->Data Usage

How can I see how much data I’m using for each application (Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, etc.)?


  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Connections
  3. Tap Data Usage
    • Mobile Data Usage-Data used on the network with a breakdown of how much data is used on each application. i.e. YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, etc.
    • WiFi Data Usage-Data used on WiFi with a breakdown of how much data is used on each application. i.e. YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, etc.


  1. Tap Settings
  2. Settings
  3. Cellular or Settings
  4. Mobile Data. If you’re using an iPad, you might see Cellular Data instead.
  5. Scroll down to find which apps are using cellular data.

Data Usage Warning 

You can set a data warning up so that you are alerted well before you reach your data allowance.


 iOS doesn’t allow for data usage warnings. Instead, be vigilant is tracking your data usage on your phone or on My Account. Click here to sign up for My Account.


  1. Tap Settings and choose Connections
  2. Under Data Usage, choose Billing Cycle and Data Warning
  3. Turn Data Warning ON->Data Warning-set limit.

    Whatever you set the limit to is when you will receive a notification.

What happens if I exceed the mobile data/internet allowance in my plan?

It’s important to track your data usage to avoid exceeding your data allowance and incurring overage fees. We suspend data/internet based on your plan allowance and amount of data used over the plan allotment so that data overage and overage fees don’t continue to accumulate.

E.g. Older Smartphone plan 1 GB plan=Data suspension at 9 GB

       LTE plan 2 GB=Data suspension at 22 GB.

What are the data overage rates for local data/internet usage?

The overage fees are based on what type of plan you have and what the data allowance is. We lowered the overage fees for local usage when we launched the LTE plans.

If you are unsure as to what smartphone plan you are on, please call us at 700-7000 and we will happily review your plan and usage to make sure you are on a plan that fits.

LTE Smartphone plan overage fees: L plans=$0.02/MB or $20/GB, T plans=$0.02/MB or $15/GB, E plans= $0.01/MB or $10/GB

Our older Smartphone plans have higher overage fees attached so it’s a win to switch to a newer LTE plan.

What is Rollover Data?

If you don’t use all of the data in your mobile plan, the reminder rolls over to the next month. Rollover data expires after 30 days so if it isn’t used, it disappears. Rollover data is used only after you have used the data included in your plan.

E.g. Mrs. Smith has a 6 GB LTE plan. She used 5 GB in October. Her Rollover Data is 1 GB. If Mrs. Smith uses 7 GB of data in October, she will have used the 6 GB from her LTE plan +  the 1 GB of Rollover Data. In this case, she won’t incur data overage fees.

What are Data Plus Rewards?

We reward your loyalty by giving you more data, for free, each month. Each LTE plan has a set Data Plus Award attached to each tier (L, T, E). After 24 months, we start adding the extra data to your plan and you keep it as long as you remain on that plan or upgrade to a higher plan.  If you downgrade your LTE plan to a lower tier, you will lose the Data Rewards you have earned and will receive the new Data Reward after 24 months.

E.g. Mr. Dill has been on the 2 GB LTE plan for 24 months. He receives an extra 1 GB of data monthly on top of the 2 GB so in total he has 3 GB of data to use monthly.

He upgrades to the 6 GB plan (T tier). He keeps the 1 GB Data Reward he earned and will receive the 2 GB Data Reward attached to the 6 GB plan after 24 months. So in 24 months, Mr. Dill will have 9 GB in total to use monthly.

Do you know about the WiFi Assist (iPhone) or Smart Network Switch (Android) application?

What does it do?

When turned ON, the SIM card automatically connects to the local network when your WiFi signal is weak or drops.

Do I have to download the app?

The application now come as a standard application on your smartphone so there’s no need to download.

How do I turn it ON and OFF?

Turn the setting OFF if you don’t wish to connect to the overseas network when your WiFi signal is weak or drops.
Android: Settings->Connections->WiFi->Advanced->Switch to mobile data
iPhone: Settings->Cellular->WiFi Assist