Prepaid vs. Postpaid

Often the amount you spend topping up your account can be the same or more than subscribing to monthly billed service aka postpaid. Plus the postpaid Talk & Text or LTE smartphone plans are value-packed with additional features.

E.g. Talk and text

  • Prepaid: $2.50/day Unlimited Talk & Text plan + daily Gov’t license fee $0.40 x 30 days= $87/mo.
  • Postpaid: Unlimited Talk & Text plan + $12 Gov’t license fee=$87/mo.
    • Includes Unlimited long distance to the U.S. and Canada along with Unlimited global texting

E.g. Talk, text and data

  • Prepaid: $2.50/day Unlimited Talk & Text plan + daily Gov’t license fee $0.40 x 30 days + 1.5 GB data $45= $132/mo.
  • Postpaid: LTE Smartphone 2 GB plan + $12 Gov’t license fee=$117/mo.
    • LTE Smartphone 3 GB plan + $12 Gov’t license fee=$127/mo.
    • LTE Smartphone 4 GB plan + $12 Gov’t license fee=$137/mo. 4X the data for $5

Can I move my prepaid number to postpaid (billed monthly)?

Absolutely! Just visit one of our retail locations with valid photo I.D. Please note that any funds remaining prepaid balances are not applied to your new postpaid account as a credit.

How can I top up my prepaid account?

  1.  Our top up feature on
    • So convenient! Top up any prepaid account, no password needed. You can even add a greeting for the recipient!
    • Enter your name, the number you want to top up, a greeting (if you like), your email address (for your receipt) and your card information.
    • Click here to top up now.
  2. Top up from your prepaid mobile phone
    • Dial #8255 and choose option 2
    • Enter your card details and choose an amount

  3. Payment/top up kiosks
    • Top up your account with a card or cash at any One retail location or at the Payment Centre, 30 Victoria St., Hamilton
    • Have your account number or the mobile number handy.
    • Please note: Kiosks don’t accept $100 bills and can’t provide change.
  4. Automatic phone payment/top up system
    • Call 700-7000 and follow the prompts to make a payment/top up for your mobile account. Your account must be active to use this feature. If your prepaid number is not active, call 700-7000 and follow the prompts to speak with a friendly One representative to top up your account and restore your service.

How often do I need to top up?

To keep your account active and avoid the risk of losing your phone number, top up within 90 days of your last top up.

What if I don’t use all of my balance in 90 days?

If you don’t use the balance within 90 days, it expires so you will need to top up again. It’s helpful to keep this in mind when you are adding money to your account.

How can I find out what my prepaid balance is?

The most convenient way is to dial #8255 from the mobile phone that has prepaid service and press 1 to hear your balance.

From a landline: Dial 777-8255. Press 1 to hear your prepaid account balance. 

How do I change my plan?

Just call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative. Keep in mind that it is standard practice to verify the account information before we make any changes to accounts. Your account security is a priority.

How can I add and replenish my prepaid data?

We’ve made it easy for you. Just tap the phone/voice call icon on your phone and enter a code to automatically add prepaid data.

Of course you must have sufficient funds on your prepaid balance to cover the prepaid data plan.

To see a list of prepaid data codes click here.

Can I use my phone overseas on Prepaid?

Unfortunately, prepaid customers aren’t able to roam. If this is important to you, perhaps it’s time to move to a monthly billed plan?

In many cases, moving to a monthly paid plan gives you more value. Our plans are packed with services and you might even save money.

To learn more about our postpaid LTE Smartphone and Talk and Text plans, click here then visit any One retail location to make the change.

Help! I need a phone now! 

Turn that frown upside down. Our Grab and Go prepackaged phones are sold at several vendor locations across the island.

Choose between a smartphone ($79) or feature phone ($29). All you have to do is call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative to activate the prepaid service. Have the PIN number (located on the card along with the SIM card inside the box) handy to give to the representative. within minutes, you’ll be on your way.