Cloud DVR

Recording platform that stores your FibreWire TV recordings in a remote database.

HD (High Definition)

HD is a display resolution of 1280p x 720p (P stands for pixels). The higher the display resolution, the more vivid the picture.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

An interface that translates and combines video and audio data into pure, single digital data which results in better quality.


Cord that connects an external device to the TV
E.g. FibreWire TV box, gaming system, etc.

HDMI Converter

Cord that creates compatibility between the box and a TV without HDMI ports


Place on the back or side of the TV to connect HDMI cords to from external devices like the FibreWire TV box.


Mode that allows you to use the remote with any FibreWire TV box

On-the-Go Channels

Channels you can watch out of the home. Channel access depends on the plan you subscribe to. Click here for a list.

One Media Player

One’s FibreWire TV box that delivers both live TV and recorded programs.


The remote is set up to connect aka pair exclusively to the accompanying box.


FibreWire TV software that allows the box to search for and connect with your WiFi network automatically.