Here are a few tips to improve your smartphone performance

Turn your phone off for 1 minute weekly. This is also called power cycling.

Why? Doing this can help your phone run more smoothly by helping to retain memory, prevent crashes and retain battery life.

Install Software Updates

You might experience gradual performance issues if a software update needs to be installed. We recommend that you install software updates when you are on WiFi as updates can consume a large amount of data.

How do I know if my phone needs a software update?

Pull down the screen from the top of your smartphone and look for Software Update.

How do I install the software update?

Tap Software Update. You’ll see options Schedule Install or Install Now.
It can take several minutes for the software update to install and restart.

The data/internet has been a bit slow lately. What can I do?

Because we use our smartphones for so much more, our phones store more files and information. Here are a couple tips to improve your smartphone’s performance:

Clear Cached Data

Whenever you browse the internet, your smartphone stores files for the web pages so that you don’t have to search and download web pages every time you visit them which is convenient but, over time, it may impact performance.
Please note that if you clear the cached data or history, when you search for pages you have visited before it will be like you are visiting them for the first time.

  • iPhone
    1. Tap Settings and scroll down to the group of options and choose Safari at the bottom
    2. Scroll down and choose “Clear History and Website Data”
    3. Tap “Clear History and Data”
  • Android
    1. Tap the Chrome app to open
    2. Tap the Menu (3 vertical dots int he top right hand)
    3. Tap History
    4. Tap “Clear browsing data”.

Clear Unwanted Files and App Data

Smartphones are constantly storing data and files. sometimes clearing these unwanted files can improve your smartphone’s performance.

  • iPhone
    1. Tap Settings and choose General then choose “iPhone Storage”
    2. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a list of your apps arranged by the amount of data they store. Tap an app that’s using a lot of storage.
    3. Look at “Documents and Data”. If the app is using more than 500 mb, it might be worth deleting the app and reinstalling it.
  • Android
    1. Tap Settings
    2. Tap Device Care
    3. You will see a score out of 100. Tap “Optimise now” to clear unwanted files to free up storage.