What is the warranty and repair policy for One mobile devices?

Your One mobile device is covered by a 90 day warranty for manufacturer’s defects. It does not cover any damage caused by neglect. Here are some examples of what isn’t covered:

  • Your phone takes a dip in the ocean during Cup Match
  • Your phone drops from your pocket on your ride into work
  • Your phone bakes in the sun on the dash of your car
  • You overcharge your battery and it dies

We will examine your device and, if there’s no obvious damage due to neglect, send it to Audio Visual for testing to confirm if the issue is due to a manufacturer’s defect. While under warranty, we will cover the cost of the Audio Visual examination and, if the damage is due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will happily cover the cost of repair. If the issue cannot be repaired, One will replace the device for you at no cost.

Once the 90 day warranty expires, it is the responsibility of the customer to repair or replace the device. Our NextOne program makes it easier to upgrade your phone since the original discount given depreciates over a 24 month period. Depending on which LTE plan you have, you will be eligible to upgrade after 22 months (L plan), 20 months (t plan) or 18 months (E plan) without paying the remaining NextOne balance.

7 Day Return Policy

You were confident with your purchase but after you got home, you thought, hmmm, that new Samsung Galaxy was really nice. No problem! We will accept a mobile device return as long as it is returned within 7 days in the original box with original accessories and is in pristine condition.


Once the SIM card is inserted and the Apple ID is entered, the warranty begins so we are unable to sell the phone as a new device. For this reason, we would only accept an iPhone return if the box was never opened and all contents are in the original packaging.