One offers three long distance plans for your mobile phone.

To learn about our plan options, click here to visit our website for current plan information.

How do I sign up for mobile long distance?

  1. Call 700-7000 and choose the option for Mobile. A friendly One representative will happily add the long distance plan of your choice to your account.
  2. Click Buy Now to submit your request. A One representative will contact you to confirm within 2 business days.
  3. Visit a One retail location.

Do I need to add a long distance plan for each of my mobile phones?

Yes. Each mobile phone has its own long distance plan. If you choose the Unlimited for Two plan, the plan will be added to both mobile numbers and the cost will be shared.

Do I need long distance when I travel overseas?

To receive calls from Bermuda while you are overseas, you will need a long distance plan. If you add the World Traveller roaming plan for your overseas usage, you will require a long distance plan.

My LTE smartphone plan includes unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada. Do I need to add a long distance plan to this?

To take advantage of the long distance included in the LTE plan, we add our Pay As You Go plan to your mobile number. This means that calls to any other country are billed at our pay per use rates.

You always have the option to choose another mobile long distance plan if the included calls to U.S. and Canada don’t suit your calling habits.