A Geo-Fence uses your mobile device’s location (with you) as a basis to create security and automation rules.

Using the SmartHome website:

  1. From the left side menu, click Settings
  2. Click Geo-Services
  3. In Geo-Fences, click + Add a Fence
  4. The center of the fence defaults to the system’s installation address. To move the fence location, perform either of the following:
    • Click and drag the location marker on the map.
    • Enter a specific address in the Move fence location to field and click the arrow icon.
  5. In the Fence Name field, enter a name for the Geo-Fence.
  6. To adjust the radius, either click and drag the Geo-Fence anchors on the map overlay, or enter the desired radius in the Radiusfield (in miles).
    Note: The minimum Geo-Fence radius is 1 mile (1.6 kilometers).
  7. Click Save.

Using the SmartHome app:
  1. Tap Menu icon and choose Geo-Services.
  2. Toggle Geo-Services to ON.