To Enable Push Notifications to Mobile Devices

The user must have this setting turned on in the SmartHome app on their device.
Using the SmartHome app:
  1.  Tap the Menu icon and choose Notifications
  2.  Toggle the switch to ON
  3.  In Notifications, go to the Push Notification tab and choose the user device 
Set Up Notification Rules:
Notification rules determine when you want to receive a notification and who receives it.
  1. Log in to the Customer Portal (website or app)
  2. Choose Notifications from the left side menu.  Your current notifications appear. Toggle on or off to change.
  3. To add a new notification rule, choose + New Notification
  4. Select the event(s) that will trigger a notification
       5. Choose the settings for the notification rule. E.g. Door left unlocked
        6. Select notification recipients from existing users or add a recipient by clicking + ADD button
             beside “Recipients”
        7. Click Save
        8. Choose Push Notifications to add user devices so they receive notifications to their mobile
             device. Users must enable Push notifications on their devices for the device to appear in the
         9. Choose the mobile device and language preference.
         10. Click Save