Recording rules must be set up for the cameras to record. You can set up to 3 Video Analytics rules for each camera.
1. Navigate to Video Analytics:
Using the SmartHome website
  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Click icon-videoVideo.
  3. Click Recording Rules.
  4. Click + Add New Rule.
  5. Select Video Analytics.

Using the SmartHome app

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Touch icon-videoVideo.
  3. Touch icon-gear.
  4. Touch Recording Rules.
  5. Touch + Add New Rule.
  6. Touch Video Analytics
2. Select the Rule Type
  • Select the desired camera. If the camera needs to be calibrated, you’ll be directed to the calibration page.

  • In Select Type, select the rule type:
    Click Tripwire when a target is likely to cross through the camera’s field of view or when objects enter or exit an area (e.g., a car pulling into or backing out of a driveway).Click
    Ground Zone when a target is likely to linger in the camera’s field of view (e.g., a person delivering a package on the front porch).

3. Select the Scene

  •  In Scenery, select Indoors or Outdoors based on where the camera is installed. The camera should be marked outdoors if it will be exposed to rain, snow, spider webs, or moving trees, and set to indoors if in a controlled outdoor environment (e.g., a screened-in porch).
  • Note : This selection must be the same across all recording rules associated with a specific camera.


  • If the Minimum Object Detection Size setting appears, use the slider to adjust how small an object can be and still trigger a recording.
  • It is recommended to keep this at the suggested value upon initial set up. Very Large captures the fewest recordings with only the largest objects, and Very Small captures the most recordings including large and small objects.



4. Configure Ground Zone and/or Trip Wire Rules

Ground Zone:

  • In the Rule Name field, enter a name for the recording rule.
  • Click and drag the corners of the shape to cover only the ground where the target’s feet will be. To clear the current area of interest and restart, click Clear Ground Zone.
  • Click and hold inside the shape to move the shape itself.

  • Using the Duration Inside Area of Interest dropdown menu, select the time an object needs to stay inside the ground zone to trigger a recording


 Trip Wire

  • In the Rule Name field, enter a name for the recording rule.
  • Click and drag the tripwire to cover only the ground where the target’s feet cross. The arrow determines which direction the object must be moving to trigger a recording. To clear the current tripwire and restart, click Clear Tripwire.

  • Customize the direction of movement to be recorded


  • In Direction, click Switch directions to switch the direction of the movement to capture.
  • Select Both Directions to record any time an object crosses the tripwire, no matter which direction it is moving in.
5. Configure Schedules, Exceptions, and Notifications for the Recording Rule
  • Using the Set Minimum Delay Between Clips dropdown menu, select the desired timeframe. This setting determines how long the camera must wait after recording a clip to trigger another recording.
  •     In The Rule will run…, select At all times or Only during the following times.
  •     If Only during the following times is selected:
    a. Select the days of the week to record on.
    b. Using the Begin dropdown menu, select the time for the recording rule to start.
    c. Using the End dropdown menu, select the time for the recording rule to stop.
  • In Except when, select any exceptions that turn the rule off regardless of the schedule. Depending on the equipment, options may include:
    Panel is armed away
    Panel is armed stay
    Geo-device is inside a specified geo-fence.

  •    In Send notification for clips containing…, select the types of clips you want to be notified about. The camera records and uploads all motion it detects, but only sends you a notification based on the notification options you selected.

  •    Note : In the Other category, you’ll find clips where the camera detected an object but was unable to determine which type it is.
  • Next, select the desired notification recipients. It is recommended to use push notifications to a phone using the dropdown option to attach a thumbnail.
   Note: Users must download the SmartHome app and enable push notifications.
               Menu->Notifications->Push notifications->Toggle switch to ON