When emergency strikes, everyone needs help. It doesn’t matter how brave or capable or dedicated you are.

Take One SmartHome user Andrew. He’s all of the above. When his security system alerted him to movement, he used his One SmartHome system to turn on all of his lights and make sure all of his doors and windows were locked.

What he didn’t need to do was stop and call the police. His professional monitoring service had it covered. As Andrew sprang into action, he received a call from One SmartHome’s Professional Monitoring Station who called Andrew to verify the alarm event and dispatched the authorities.

Instead of having to hesitate, dial 911, and communicate the emergency to an operator, Andrew was able to focus on making sure his family was safe. In an emergency at your home, that will be your first instinct too.

That’s why you need professional security monitoring, and why it’s included with One SmartHome security plans.

If there is an alarm event at your home, a One SmartHome powered system sends an emergency signal, via dedicated cellular connection, to a monitoring station staffed 24/7 with trained security professionals. They’ll quickly assess the situation and alert the local authorities.

For complete protection for your family and home, professional security is always the smartest choice.

How do I get professional monitoring?

Getting the best protection for your family is easy with One SmartHome. Our authorized security experts can install and configure a complete smart security system for your home.

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