What is it?

Rent a movie or event any time! Perfect for those rainy days or to entertain the family. Choose from an extensive library of new releases, movies or past events.

What do I need to enjoy VOD?

As long as you have your box connected to internet (One or other provider) you can enjoy VOD any time.

How much are VOD rentals?

Please click here to view VOD rental pricing.

How do I order VOD?

You can order via the remote or the desktop app only but VOD rentals can be enjoyed on any OneBox, desktop computer or mobile device.

  • Press the On Demand button on your remote or hit the Home button to access the menu and choose On Demand.
  • You will see VOD categories at the bottom of the screen.
    • Once you have chosen a title, press the OK button. You will see an information screen with the option to Buy, Watch Trailer and Rate.
    • To watch the trailer, press the OK button. After the trailer is finished, you will hear the audio for the current channel.
    • To rent, press the OK button on “Buy”.
    • A confirmation message appears to ensure you are not accidentally renting a title.
  • Once you have confirmed your rental, a message appears to advise you of the 18 day window in which to start viewing along with the available time frame to complete viewing by.
    • There are 2 options in the message, “Watch Now” or “Watch Later”.
      • If you choose Watch Now, the available time frame begins.
      • If you choose Watch Later, you have 18 days to begin viewing before the rental expires.

Where can I see my VOD rentals

Once you press the On Demand button on the remote or enter On Demand via the Home Menu, your VOD Rentals will appear in the Continue Watching Strip with the On Demand symbol.

How long do I have to watch my VOD rental?

You have 18 days to begin watching your VOD rental. Upon your initial VOD rental purchase, you will see a box indicating the time frame you have to complete viewing, once you start watching the rental. This time frame is determined by the studios. Any household member can watch rentals, which triggers the available time frame.

Adult Content and Parental Controls

The OneBox default Parental Control settings are as follows:

  • Status: Video and Information Blocked
  • Rating Limit: TV-MA (Mature Audience) and any higher ratings
    • This means that you will need to enter your PIN to view any programs that are rated at TV-MA or higher.
      As an extra safeguard, we recommend turning ON the PIN to Purchase setting in Parental Controls

Companion App Parental Control Settings

Companion App users can adjust the Parental Control settings on the app but will require the Companion app password to do so.