TV Rates and Fees

The rates and fees listed below are for additional items charged separately from our standard TV Packages

Services Fees
Set Top Box Rental - 1st box  $0
Additional SD Set Top Box  $12/mth
Additional HD/DVR Set Top Box $30/mth
DVR Service $5/mth
Digital Installation/Upgrade   $100
Underground Outlet Installation  $135
Additional Outlet Installation  $50
Modem Installation $50
Modem Installation (Data Only) $100
Install Converter/Upgrade to DVR $25
Reconnect (Travel) $60
Reconnect (No Travel) $30
Upgrade/Downgrade $10
Transfer $60
Name Change $30
Relocate $40
Cut Cable (by Subscriber) $30
Late Payment Fee $5/mth


For any questions pertaining to the above listed rates and fees, please contact Customer Care by dialing 700.7100.