What is our Loyalty Program?

Loyalty is a program that allows you generous discounts on your new smartphone and the freedom to upgrade your phone any time. We give you a lovely discount and you get a new smartphone. In some cases, your phone could be free!


When you purchase a smartphone, you’re eligible for a discount depending on which plan you choose or are already on.

Our Smartphone plans have specific discounts attached depending on which plan you subscribe to.

Click https://onecomm.bm/mobile/smart-phone-plans/ to view our Smartphone plans then click View Plan Details to see the Loyalty discount.


No more early termination fee!

The Loyalty program replaces antiquated contracts so no more contract termination fees. Your Loyalty discount becomes your Loyalty balance. As your phone depreciates, your Loyalty balance depreciates over a period of 24 months so if you see the latest smartphone and you just have to have it, simply pay off the Loyalty balance and start a new Loyalty agreement.

If you don’t want to upgrade during that time, no problem. Your Loyalty balance just goes away after the 24 month period. Poof!