Access or Access Only

Internet is divided into access (signal delivered to your location) and internet service (actual service and speed). Think of access as the car and internet as the gas.


A band is a channel or frequency the modem uses to communicate information. Most modems use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. One’s wireless modems are set to use the 5 GHz channel so they are compatible with FibreWire TV. Think of it like a radio station.


The rate at which data is transferred at or what is the capacity at which the modem can communicate information.

Bundled Plan

One has FibreWire Home Bundle plans that include FibreWire Internet and FibreWire TV along with One Home WiFi and added features. Click here to read about our Home Bundle plans, .


A process where your device (laptop, desktop, mobile) receives data from an external network or connection. When you open a site on the internet, you are downloading the information.


A system of connecting devices and or networks to transmit information. An Ethernet cable is the actual connector.


One’s exclusive name for their fibre network. Fibre optic cable is a high speed data transmission method. Instead of copper coaxial cable, it contains tiny glass or plastic filaments that carry light beams. Digital data is transmitted through the cable via pulses of light.

Fixed Services

A service that is delivered via an installed line such as cable TV or internet.

Gateway Modem aka Wireless Modem

Receives the signal via cable and translates the signal wirelessly. Takes the place of a separate modem (to receive the signal) and a separate router (communicates signal wirelessly).


Local control centre that receives, organizes and monitors signals to optimize smooth delivery of products such as TV and Internet.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Internet service is the the internet service and speed portion of your service. Access is the service delivered to your location. Think of access as the car and internet as the gas.

Mbps (Megabits per second)

The download and upload speeds.
E.g. 100 mbps plan


Part of the network that translates data and manages data traffic. Nodes are located across the island and look like this:

SSID (Service Set Identifier)

WiFi network name


A metal connector that takes one cable line and allows for signal to go to two lines. You might see this if you have TV and Internet in the same room.


Electronic device attached to cabling at the node to distribute the signal efficiently and prevent unwanted signal from feeding backwards so customers don’t experience noise or insufficient signal level in the line.


Wireless communication of the signal to other devices such as mobile phone, laptop or tablet.


A process where you send information from your device(laptop, desktop, mobile) to an external network or connection.