One Internet Plans

One offers a variety of FibreWire Internet plans to cater to your needs. To view plan options, click here.The advertised speed is what is delivered to your home. WiFi speed is not guaranteed since there are many factors impacting wireless speed that are specific to your location such as house construction, number of users and type of internet usage.

How do I know which plan is best for my household?

When deciding on the best plan, consider these factors:

  • How many users are on the internet at any given time
  • How do your household members use the internet? Streaming videos, internet browsing, gaming, etc.

Speed vs. Range

Range is not the same as speed. If your WiFi doesn’t cover your location adequately, this is a range issue and not a speed issue.

OneHome WiFi is the perfect solution to create seamless coverage in and around your home. No more dead zones or walking around the house to get a WiFi signal! Click here to learn more about OneHome WiFi or visit any One retail location to speak with a friendly One representative and take your WiFi solution home with you today!

WiFi Speed

WiFi speed is impacted by a number of factors:

  • Home construction
  • Modem location
  • Interference in the home
  • Number of users on the internet at any given time
  • How household members use the internet (streaming videos, internet browsing, gaming, etc.)

Home construction

When signal has to travel through floor and walls, the signal strength can be compromised.

Modem location

Modems need to be placed in a central location to users with open space around them to communicate without interference. If you are hiding your modem on a bottom shelf of a cabinet in a location distant from users, signal strength can be compromised.

Interference in the home

Appliances and Bluetooth devices can compromise WiFi signal strength and speed. Keep your modem away from fridges, stoves and any devices that use Bluetooth as these can cause interference.

Number of users

Multiple household members using WiFi at the same time can compromise speed. Think of it as driving to work in rush hour traffic vs. driving home without traffic. Number of users and how they are using the internet really go hand in hand.

How the internet is used

Streaming video or music or downloading large files impacts speed since you are using more bandwidth vs. internet browsing or checking your email which uses less bandwidth.

How do I run a speed test?

Speed tests measure the download speed you are receiving to the home. To get a true reading of what speed you are getting, perform the speed test right at the source by connecting directly to the modem. (desktop computer, laptop connected to the modem via Ethernet cord).

If you only have wireless devices in your home (smartphone, tablet) use the mobile app to measure speed on your WiFi network.

Speed Test Steps

Our speed tests use HTML5 so Flash is not required.
The speed test will measure both the download and upload speeds.

  1. Visit and click Speed Test at the bottom of the page.
  2. Run the Internet Speed Test first to measure speed over the undersea fibre connection.
    • If the speeds aren’t close to what you subscribe to, run the Cable Access Speed Test to measure the speed between the head-end cable plant in Bermuda and your location.
  3. If your download speed results are not favourable, consider if any of the factors that impact WiFi speed apply to your household such as number of users, type of internet activity, home constructions, etc. as you might need to change to a plan that packs more speed or you might need OneHome WiFi.
    • Call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative. Please indicate which speed test you ran (Internet Service and/or Cable Access) and if the speed test was performed via a direct connection to the modem or you ran the test on WiFi via the mobile app.