WHEREAS by executing the Supplemental Agreement, the Subscriber agrees to be bound by the terms stated below.


1. SUPPLEMENTAL TO THE STANDARD SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT. This Supplemental Agreement is supplemental to the Standard Subscriber Agreement (the “Standard Agreement”) currently in effect between the Subscriber and One for the provision by One of Services to the Subscriber. It is agreed that this Supplemental Agreement shall incorporate by reference the General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Standard Agreement as well as the terms applicable hereto. In the case of conflict, the terms of this Supplemental Agreement shall apply.

2. EXPIRY OF SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT. This Supplemental Agreement shall be effective as of the date stated above and shall remain in effect during the Minimum Commitment Period, after which it shall expire.  Upon expiry, One acknowledges that the Subscriber shall bear no further obligation in respect of the Penalty Price.

3. EARLY WITHDRAWAL. In the event the Subscriber elects to withdraw from the Services at any time during the Minimum Commitment Period or the Subscriber’s account is terminated by One in accordance with paragraph (8) of the General Terms and Conditions of the Standard Agreement, the Subscriber agrees to pay the Penalty Price to One on demand.

4. DEVICE UPGRADES. The Subscriber is permitted to upgrade or replace their device mid way through the Commitment Period i.e. prior to the Expiry Date and purchase a new device at the discounted price but to do so must take up the Early Device Upgrade program, pay the applicable upgrade fee and enter into a new Commitment Period.

5. LOSS OR DAMAGE TO DEVICE. The Subscriber acknowledges that loss of, or damage to, the device described above shall not affect and shall have no consequence in respect of the Subscribers obligations under this Supplemental Agreement. Replacement devices purchased from One will be sold at the no-contract price unless the Early Device Upgrade option is taken up.


AGREEING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND, the Subscriber hereto has executed this Supplemental Agreement on the date first above written. This free/reduced wireless supplemental agreement supersedes all prior agreement written between One and the Subscriber.  An electronic copy of the General Terms and Conditions of this agreement can be found on our website:  www.onecomm.bm.




Your new wireless device has a 90 day warranty.

Should a manufacturer’s defect materialize in the product during the 90 day warranty period, One will exchange it with another wireless device of the same, or a similar, make and model (subject to availability).   Please keep the original contents and packaging that came with the product (i.e. box, instruction manual, charger, etc.).

One shall not be responsible for loss of the wireless device or for repair charges incurred outside the warranty period or for any defects incurred during the 90 day period that are not covered under the warranty.

One agrees to replace any wireless accessory that becomes defective within 30 days of purchase (subject to availability).



This warranty does not cover all defects or damage.  In particular, this warranty does not cover the following:

1. Damage resulting from improper use, accident or neglect.

2. Damage from improper testing and/or operation, unauthorized maintenance and/or installation, adjustment, disassembling, or any
alteration or modification of any kind.  NOTE: face plate changes void the warranty.

3. Damage to antennas caused by gnawing, cutting or scratching (workmanship or neglect).

4. Defects or damage occurring to devices whose serial numbers have been removed or made illegible.

5. Damage caused by food or liquid.

6. Damage (including scratching to plastic or metallic surfaces, and all other externally exposed parts) caused as the result of normal wear and tear.



Batteries should be charged following the procedure stated in the Manufacturer’s Instruction manual.  Unless otherwise specified, batteries should be charged for approximately 2-3 hours when the battery indicator states that the existing charge level is “low”. Charging a battery overnight may damage the device, the battery, or both due to possible power surges.  One is not responsible for batteries or devices that are damaged as a result of failure to observe the correct charging procedure.