COMBAT COVID UPDATE #6 – Our Prepaid Plans are Giving Customers More Mileage – March 27, 2020


If you’re one of our valued prepaid customers and you love data, we’ve given the following plans a temporary boost:

$3 Daily Data Pack now gives you double the amount of data. You’ll now receive 200MB on your next top-up. Dial (*777*1#) to activate.

$15 14-Day Pack also gives you double the amount of data. You’ll now receive 1GB with your next top-up. Dial (*777*12#) to activate.


Customers just getting started can call us at 700.7000 to speak to a Customer Care rep who will ensure your Prepaid Data Pack is activated. For these and other prepaid plan options, visit



COMBAT COVID UPDATE #5 - Need help with your home services? We are here for you. - March 26, 2020


Maybe you’re an existing One home internet, TV or phone customer looking to report an issue or you’re interested in a new service installation. Either way, we are here to take your call, fix your issue over the phone if we can or arrange a home appointment if that’s what’s needed. Call 700 7000 to speak to one of our care agents who are ready to get you connected.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, One has put in place the following additional procedures in order to protect you and our field technicians:


  • Over the phone our agents will ask if anyone in the home is known to be infected by the virus, is under quarantine or is exhibiting symptoms. If you meet any of these criteria your appointment will be scheduled to a later date.


  • When our technicians arrive at your home they will reconfirm the above information and that it is ok to enter your home.  They will require that strict social distancing practices be adhered to when they are inside and will follow specific hygiene and cleaning steps.

  • In certain cases, our technicians may decide not to enter your home and if your service issue is still unresolved you will be informed by our technician as to the next steps.



COMBAT COVID UPDATE #4 – More FREE Channels for FibreWire TV Customers - March 24, 2020


We're adding the Discovery Group of Channels, OWN TV, HGTV, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and DIY – FREE to all FibreWire TV customers beginning March 25th until April 30th, 2020.

This news comes on the heels of the essential News and Children’s programming currently being provided as part of our #CombatCOVID initiatives. We hope you all enjoy the programming.

Keep well!



COMBAT COVID UPDATE #3 – Retail & Payment Centre Closures - March 23, 2020


Temporary Retail Store & Payment Centre Closures

In accordance with the government mandate, all of our Retail store locations and Payment Centre are now closed until further notice as an additional measure to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. 


Customer Care for residential and business services will remain available by:

Residential Call Centre - 700.7000

One Business Support - 700.7300

Online Chat Feature - Click the speech bubble on the bottom right corner of the home page.

Residential Email -

One Business - 


For payments, please use any of our automated or electronic options. Please note that access to our payment kiosks has been updated.

Kiosk Locations - Updated

Victoria St. Payment Centre – external kiosk is available 24/7

Heron Bay – unavailable as of Monday, March 23rd.

St. George’s – unavailable as of Monday, March 23rd

Church St., Hamilton – Unavailable as of Monday, March 23rd


REMINDER: We strongly recommend using cards or automated payment options to complete payment transactions. Please remember to wash your hands, especially when handling cash.

Stay safe and healthy.



COMBAT COVID UPDATE #2 – March 21, 2020

Revised. Please see Update #5



COMBAT COVID UPDATE #1 - Support Initiatives for Customers - March 19, 2020  

One Communications is working to help Bermuda combat COVID-19 by keeping everyone connected, with friends, family, and the outside world. With drastic changes in lifestyles being forced upon us, our team has kicked into high gear to bring some added relief to you, our valued customers. Our comprehensive package of benefits takes effect on Monday, March 23, unless noted otherwise, for a period of time still to be determined. The Company reserves the right, with or without notice, to remove some or all of the stated benefits at their discretion or as directed by the appropriate government body.

Details for these initiatives are outlined below.


FibreWire Internet Gets a Boost 

Customers on FibreWire Internet plans will be boosted at no additional cost to a minimum download speed of 50Mbps. This increase allows for multiple users in the home to be online simultaneously, the streaming of HD video content, and more. To activate the speed boost, please reboot your modem by unplugging it from the power outlet, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in.

All customers will continue to be billed according to their current internet plan subscriptions. FibreWire customers subscribing to plans faster than 50Mbps will not have their speeds changed.


More to Watch

Now that you may be working from home, and the kids are there with you, News and Kids shows might be the mainstays of your life. For this reason, One is including additional channels from these select genres on all FibreWire TV packages at no additional charge.


Keeping You ‘On’ (Section revised as of March 25, 2020)

We’re pressing ‘pause’ on disconnections due to non-payment of account balances, effective immediately. All services – Mobile, Internet, TV, and Home Phone – will remain active. Services will not be interrupted for late or non-payments and we are waiving all associated late fees for any *Consumer or Small Business that demonstrates a recent loss of employment or significant income which affects their ability to pay for services due to the COVID-19 pandemic without offsetting (full or partial) Government or other agency support. For those customers not financially impacted by the pandemic, normal payment terms continue to apply.

Please note that:

  • Customers that were already deactivated for non-payment as of midnight on March 18, 2020, are not eligible to have service reinstated.
  • Billing for monthly plan subscriptions, prorate adjustments and all usage-based services including but not limited to overages on plan allotments, roaming, long distance and On Demand Video purchases, will continue.
  • Only Late Payment Fees are being waived. Penalties or other fees associated with but not limited to the cancellation of contracts for devices or services are not being waived and these will be charged to customers’ accounts when they are incurred in accordance with our Terms of Service.
  • The discontinuation of service(s) remains subject to the details outlined in your Terms of Service as found on our website once disconnections due to non-payment and late fees are reinstated.

*As specified in the Regulatory Authority (COVID-19) Emergency General Determination 2020 effective 24 March 2020.


For Prepaid customers, the 90-day expiry of account balances has also been suspended immediately.


We ask all customers to continue payments for their accounts remotely using any of the convenient payment methods set out below:

  • My Account Portal – Register your accounts at to our secure online account management tool. View your invoices, and complete credit card payments that post directly to your account without delay.
  • MyOne App – Download our app for both iOS and Android devices. Search for ‘My One Self Care’ in the Apple Store, and ‘My One’ in Google Play.
  • Auto-Debit Payments – Contact our Customer Care Centre to add this detail to your account(s) for convenient, automatic monthly payments. Dial 700-7000 for assistance.
  • Customer Care – Dial 700.7000 to pay with a debit/credit card using our automatic payment system.
  • Online Banking – Set up One Communications Ltd. as the vendor, then enter your account number. Once this has been completed, payments may be transferred. Please allow approximately 3 business days for the transaction to post to your One Communications account.
  • Kiosks – Even though our kiosks are available to process cash payments, we encourage all customers to use the alternatives listed above. This will strongly aid with the prevention of spreading the virus. As a reminder, we have increased our efforts by cleaning the kiosks. Limiting usage will also be helpful.


As changes occur, we will respond accordingly and keep you up to date. Please continue to follow our social networks for notifications on Facebook and Instagram using our handle @onecommbda, as well as our Community Channel (Channel 1).

Stay healthy Bermuda.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocols in Effect - March 16, 2020

One Communications continues to monitor updates from global and national health authorities, seen below, regarding the spread and prevention of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Prevention tactics are of the utmost importance at this time. One Communications has enacted the following protocols to ensure the safety of customers and staff alike:

  • Restrictions on business travel for both our employees and any visitors to our offices
  • Discourage employee personal travel to all high-risk areas and require reporting to the company if this has happened
  • Reporting by employees if they believe they have come into contact with high-risk individuals so that appropriate action can be taken e.g. self-quarantining
  • Distributed hand sanitizer and additional sanitizing wipes around our stores and offices
  • Increased the frequency of disinfection across all of our surfaces, including door handles, desk and countertops, devices & equipment
  • Incorporated the use of disinfectant wipes when handling equipment in our stores and customer's homes
  • Commenced implementation of remote working for our non-customer-facing employees
  • Implemented new safety protocols for our field technicians while conducting work at homes and businesses
  • Enacted social distancing, and a safe distance to communicate with customers as prescribed by the CDC


Knowing that our business involves constant, face-to-face interaction with the public, we encourage all customers to consider the following:

  • Avoid cash transactions in-store whenever possible
  • Be proactive when interacting with our staff by advising if any family or other household member is in quarantine
  • Online bill payments
  • Sign up for auto-debit payments
  • For residential enquiries or service plan changes,  consider going online at by completing a form or using our chat feature, or by calling 700.7000
  • For One Business support, please email, or dial 700.7300


We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our plans when needed. Major updates will be posted to this page. Announcements of these updates will also be made through our main social media feeds, Facebook and Instagram, as well as our Community Channel (Channel 1).  

Thank you for your cooperation at this time.