How automatic payment works

Automatic payments are also known as autopay or autodebit. Funds are processed on the 15th monthly for the full account balance. You are welcome to pay prior to the 15th or pay your account in advance.

How do I sign up for automatic payment?

Call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.
Your initial payment will be processed the following month on the 15th and on the 15th monthly thereafter. To ensure your account balance is current, you can make an immediate payment by clicking on Pay Bill in My Account, calling us at 700-7000 to use the automated payment system or visiting the Payment Centre or a Retail location to use the payment kiosk.

Have your credit/debit card details changed or has your card expired?

Please call 700-7000 to provide your updated card details so that automatic payment is not interrupted and your account balance doesn’t fall delinquent.