My Account online account management

  1. Payments and top-ups post to your account immediately complete with email payment confirmation.
  2. View payment history
  3. Review historical bills
  4. View services attached to your account
  5. Store and payment kiosk locator
Register for My Account via our website You’ll need your account number and last invoice/bill number.
Payment and Top Up Kiosks
NOTE: The kiosks do not accept $100 bills.
Kiosk Locations
30 Victoria St. Payment Centre-Front entrance. Available 24/7.
12 Church St. Hamilton store
227 Middle Rd., Heron Bay Plaza, Southampton-CARD ONLY     
The Money Shop, Water St., St. Georges-CARD ONLY
Pizza House, Shelley Bay Plaza-CARD ONLY
Clocktower Mall, Dockyard, Sandy’s-CARD ONLY
1. Touch the screen to begin
2. Choose Pay my Bill (billed monthly) or Top-Up (prepaid)
3. For cable and/or internet accounts, enter your account number. For mobile accounts, enter either your account number or mobile phone number..
4. Enter your date of birth DD/MM/YEAR
5. Choose payment method
     If you choose cash, please note that the kiosk does not take $100 dollar bills and does not make change.
     Any payment that exceeds the amount due will be applied as a credit to your account.
6. Enter the payment amount. The screen will display the balance in full but this can be amended.
7.  For card payments, enter your CVV code on the back of the card. 
8. You will be prompted to insert and remove your payment card or deposit cash.
    You’ll see payment confirmation.
9. Choose the type of payment receipt you prefer; printed receipt, email receipt or both.

Automated Payment System 700-7014

This is very handy to make payments or call from your prepaid number to top up your account.
What do you need?
  • Your account must be active/not deactivated to use the system.
  • You will need your mobile number or account number for mobile accounts and the account number for TV and Internet account payments.
1. Call 700-7014 to connect directly to the automated system.
2. Choose the service you want to make a payment for.
3. Press 1 to make a payment.
4. Follow the prompts to enter your card information and payment amount
If your account is deactivated, please speak with a friendly representative to make payment and restore service.
Please note that if you are speaking to a representative to make a payment on an active, postpaid/monthly bill account, you will be transferred to the automated payment system.

Payment Centre-30 Victoria St., Hamilton

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm
  1. Payments post to your account immediately
  2. Use the kiosk for card payments on active accounts.
  3. Visit a friendly representative for cash payments or to make a payment on a deactivated account.

Online Banking

  1. Please allow up to 3 business days for online payments to post to your One account. Paying at the end of the month? Use My Account or our automated payment system (700-7000) to avoid late fees. 
  2. Online transfer instructions are included on page 3 of your monthly bill.
  3.  Be sure to choose the correct payee details and account number so your payment posts correctly. Multiple accounts? Ask us about OneBill.

Cheque Payments

Payment by cheque can be made with a Payment Centre representative at 30 Victoria St. There isn’t a cheque drop box at 30 Victoria Street but there is a drop box inside the Church Street retail location. An alternative to cheque payments is online banking. Please note that online payments can take up to 3 business days to post.