Can I keep my existing home phone number?

Absolutely! Moving your number to another provider is called porting. We have a convenient online form to request that your number be transferred to our network. Once your details have been received, our team will contact you to finalise the subscription process.

Do I need to pay extra for OneHome Phone features?

Our Home Phone service offers you Unlimited Local Calling and includes Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, and Call Blocking features. Click here to learn more.

Can I use my current modem?

As long as you have a wireless modem (not a separate modem and a separate router) and subscribe to One’s FibreWire Internet service, you are ready to go!

If you have an older access only modem with a separate router, you can upgrade to a wireless modem and subscribe to Fibrewire Internet. To upgrade your modem, please call 700-7000 to either schedule a technician to install the new modem or call 700-7000 to place an order to pick up the modem and install it at home.

Will OneHome Phone work with my existing phone jacks?

OneHome Phone does not require the use of phone jacks. Instead, your phone’s base unit needs only to be plugged directly into your modem.

How do I connect multiple telephone handsets to the OneHome Phone service?

Simply use a cordless phone that uses a single base unit, plugging into your modem, along with multiple wirelessly connected handsets.

Can I fax with your OneHome Phone service?

No, faxing is not compatible with OneHome Phone service. Alternatives to traditional fax services which may be explored include email to fax or fax-to-email compatibility. These other services would not require a dedicated fax machine and associated phone line.