Mailbox size: 100 MB
Max number of messages: 100

If either the mailbox size or message number limits are reached, the user will no longer be able to retrieve voicemail messages. To fix, they need to permanently delete messages to free up space in their voicemail mailbox.

To access voicemail, dial *98.

You’ll be prompted to enter the PIN#/password which is defaulted to the last 4 digits of their phone number.

You’ll be prompted to change the PIN the first time you access voicemail.

Voicemail Expiry

Inbox (read and unread) messages do not expire.

Trash Folder (read and unread) message expiry: 14 days

How to Reset the Voicemail PIN

If you know your current PIN# but want to change it: *98->4->Follow prompts

If you’ve changed your PIN# and forget the new PIN#: Please call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.

Voicemail Prompts

1-Retrieve messages

2-Send a message to another user

3-Make changes to your greeting

4-Change settings

6-Retrieve deleted messages

7-Leave mailbox and dial into 2nd VOIP #/PIN

0-While in mailbox for helpful tips (#, * keys, etc.)

*-Exit voicemail

How to Check your Voicemail Remotely

Dial 540-6246 to check your voicemail messages when you are not at home.

Call Waiting

When you are on an existing call, you will hear a beep to indicate an incoming call.

  • To answer the incoming call-> Briefly press the disconnect button or receiver hook.
  • To return to the 1ST call-> Briefly press the disconnect button or receiver hook.
  • To temporarily suspend Call Waiting->Enter *70 each time before placing a call

Call Forwarding

How to set it up

  • Enter *72 then enter the phone number (can be 10 or 7 digits) you want to forward the call to
  • You’ll hear a quick 2 beeps then a fast busy signal which means call forward was processed successfully.

How to temporarily suspend

  • Enter *73. A confirmation recording will play.
  • Enter *72 to set feature up again

Call forwarding to an overseas phone number

You can forward calls to an overseas number. Please note that International Long Distances charges will apply.

Incoming Call Display

Enter *69 each time to see the last incoming call.

3-Way Calling-Conference in 1 or 2 other lines

  1. Call the first person and ask them to stay on the line
  2. Press the Flash button or quickly tap the receiver hook/hang up button
    You will hear 2 fast beeps followed by a dial tone or fast busy
  3. Call the second person
    After the second person answers, press the Flash button or quickly tap the receiver hook/hang up button
  4. Repeat if calling a third person

Call Blocking

Enter *60 to connect to a menu with the following options:

0-Main menu

3-Turn call blocking ON or OFF

1-Preview numbers in Call Blocking list

#-Add number to existing Call Blocking list

07-Delete any number in the Call Blocking list

08-Delete all numbers in the Call Blocking list

*60-Return to Call Blocking menu options

When a blocked number calls you, they will hear the message, “We’re sorry the person you are calling is not currently accepting calls from you.”