Paying your bill via My Account is fast and easy and your payment posts to your account right away.
*Please note that your account must be active to make payments via My Account.
1.  Sign in to My Account
2. Click Pay Bill
     Balance Due=Full account balance
 3. Enter payment amount and card details
     Amount-Choose an option
     For custom amount, enter the dollar amount of your payment.
     Payment Card
  • If you are using the same card information shown->Click Submit
  • If you want to add a new card or choose another card on file->Click the arrow to the right
  • Choose another existing card->My Card->Click on card you would like to use for the payment
  • Add new card details->New Card->Enter card information. You have the option to save this card information.
     *If you are an existing automatic payment customer adding a new card or editing card details, your payments will continue on schedule as per normal. 



 Your card security is a priority. One Communications is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
4.  Payment Confirmation
     Within minutes, you’ll receive a payment confirmation via email.