Payment Posting Time

Online banking can be convenient but please be aware that it can take up to 3 business days for a payment to post to your One account. Getting close to the end of the month? We recommend using My Account, the payment kiosk or call 700-7000 to use the automated payment system so that your payment posts immediately. and you can avoid a late fee.

Payee Information

Please choose “One Communications Ltd.” for any of your One accounts.

Account Number

Enter your One account number. Not sure of your account number? Check the top, right hand corner on the first page of your monthly bill.

Do you have multiple accounts with us?

Take your time and enter the correct account number so your payments apply to the correct account.
Would you like to have one bill for all of your services? Call us at 700-7000 and listen to the prompt for One Bill to speak with a friendly One representative.

My online banking payment didn’t post to my One account.

Kindly provide proof of payment such as a screenshot of your online banking confirmation or transaction and email So that we can assist you more efficiently, be sure to provide the date payment was made, the amount and the account number you applied the payment to.
Please note that the date you made the payment is not necessarily the date payment was processed. Online banking payments can take up to 3 business days to post to your One account.
Service Reactivation
If your service is currently suspended due to late payment, we will happily restore service once the payment posts to your One account. Unfortunately proof of online payment is not sufficient to restore service.